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So's different and I love it.

Add my Barefoot Dreams throw and I'm there in the warm sunshine during the day or moonlight at night reading and drifting off to sleep.

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Just so special, pretty and sort of unique, but I'd still need somewhere to rest my back in order to be truly comfortabe. Maybe a few larger pillows up against the bookshelves would suffice.

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@Kachina624 .....I'm not a big fan of this nook, too heavy and dark for me, though it is interesting architecture. Cat Indifferent

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@Kachina624 , a woodstove across the room, a Lab to curl up with and I could happily pass the winter here.  LM

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I love it, it is beautiful, but it does seem a bit dark...I would probably fall asleep after only reading a few pages, it looks so comfy!

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It's very pretty but I'd want the cusion to come up several feet on one of the sides to comfortably lean back, rest my head and read (or nap).

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I receive a lot of "mystical places" type posts on my instagram newsfeed.  I have seen this one before and wondered if it was a real space or computer generated. 


I'm inclined to think it's not a real space.  Cool, yes; but not real.