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@Sooner wrote:

Isn't a convection oven basically an air fryer?  Why would you need one if you get a convection oven?

@Sooner   You took the words right out of my mouth!!!!  I was thinking the exact same thing.  What's the difference?   We have a Viking dual fuel, which is a gas stove top (i love to cook and NO WAY would ever cook with anything other than gas) and electric convection oven.  It's about 22 years old.  I love every minute of it.  I never thought I would use the convection part as much as I do.  I mainly use it for finishing up things I'm cooking and circulating the heat for even browning. 

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We have one (Frigidaire) and it is not the same as a coated separate unit.
With oven AF, you Still need a sheetpan and still have scrub it after!

My Ninja air fryer is completely coated inside with nonstick, and cleans up quick and easy- and that's why it's so great! 

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We would never use one--in oven or separate appliance.  We've had one for about 6 years and I have no idea where it is.  For us it is a useless purchase.

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I do actually use my air fryer quite often, just not sure if i want one in a new stove.

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I buy basic top models so I can update countertop appliances easily.

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After 25 years of wanting gas I replaced our electric range with a gas range WITH Air Fryer!!!! We love it and I use it often and love it. Ours is an LG.

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