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I really, really like it! I think it provides needed balance. Balance is pleasing to the eye.

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No, it would bug me to no end.

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I would not put any artwork where this is located.

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It doesn't work there.   It seems to me that they really wanted to hang that picture somewhere and that was the only place they had left.

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Looks awkward.

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Architecturally the picture is positioned in a space that is balanced and appropriate for it. However, when you consider the contrasting string (the sides of stairs) on the staircase then that picture appears to be too large and not appropriately centered. If the wall beneath the staircase and the string  were painted the same color I think it could work for me.

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Not only  is it too big, but it also looks photo-shopped in.

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Of all the negativity I have voiced with some of today's interior design, I have to say this placement does not bother me. I think the juxtaposition of the large floral arrangement balances the placement of the artwork. 


Of course if this were my home I would...(haha!)



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Re: Placement of Art

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I like it. I would do that.


(The placement, that is.  I don't care for the actual painting.)

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Picture or placement doesn't work in the space.