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Pink plastic lucite chairs in a dining room?  I'll pass.  


It looks like a conference room.

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They don't look comfortable at all so people will be leaving the table early.  I don't care for the chairs.

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This is different.

I would not do this look, ... but it is - bright and simple.


I would lose those white jars on that cabinet, and use something simple yet colorful.


And, I would lose those potted plants too...I am seeing more of a grouping of rather large varied shaped floor size vases in the left corner in colors that pick up on the colors in the artwork, maybe with an assortment of long simple branch stems. 


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I don’t like the color or style of those chairs. The table is too stark, and the wood pieces on the console design are too rustic for me. The ladder is strange. I realize it doesn’t have to match, but I don’t see how any of these things go together.