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Outdoor Living...

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Beautiful outside room but if the evening is chilly, I'd want to be closer to the fire.  I also wonder what a blowing rainstorm would do to some of the furnishings and accessories. 

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Very pretty, and perfect for those  nicer climates.

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Love the space! I could live with the furnishings, but I don't like the rug or coffee table. 

I always wonder about the maintenance & upkeep of furnishings in outdoor rooms.

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There's a few things that I'd replace but, overall, it's still a beautiful outdoor living space.

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Re: Outdoor Living...

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This space is gorgeous. Hopefully it's located in an area where harsh weather does not prevent the owner from using the space most of the year.

I don't care for the print used on the furniture or the rug but that's a very easy fix.

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I like everything about it.

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Absolutely beautiful!

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Day-um. That is super cool. It looks like it belongs to that house you were showing us last week! 

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I really like it.