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Our Sunroom

I was inspired by the sunroom thread posted by @faeriemoon to post some pictures of our sunroom. It’s not very big, neither is our backyard, but we love it. We spend lots of time in the room. It was already added on to the back of the house when we bought the house. 



Sliding glass doors on 3 sides. Looking into backyard. 




Ceiling architecture




Looking into kitchen 



Looking into dining room & living room beyond

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Re: Our Sunroom

You have a lovely home. 🌺

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Re: Our Sunroom



I am thinking about converting my back screen porch into a sunroom.  Do you have screens to get fresh air?

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Re: Our Sunroom

That is gorgeous!! I would spend a lot of time in a room like that!! Lucky you!!💕

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Re: Our Sunroom

The sunroom is beautiful! From what I can see of the other parts of your home,it looks very similar to mine. I have a three bedroom ranch. No sunroom though.

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Re: Our Sunroom

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@Wilma7500  You're fortunate to have such a space!!

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Re: Our Sunroom

thanks for sharing your sunroom with us.  that is a beautiful room, very warm and cozy ... and i can imagine myself relaxing there with a big cup of coffee and a good, long book.

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Re: Our Sunroom

This is a place to call home.

Your sunroom is lovely and so accessible to other areas of your house. Very much like the all the light the room provides.

Thank you sharing.............I want it!!!

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Re: Our Sunroom

 So beautiful. Thanks for sharing. 

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Re: Our Sunroom



What a beautiful space you have with your sunroom. I especially love the exposed brick.