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What do you have for nicknacks & decoratives? And where do you put them?


Several things for me: fans, the prettiest ones are from Spain - because I like the shape; seashells, some really large that my DM,, got for me from their travels; whimsical stuffed rabbits, mostly small Boyd's Bears; duck decoys from eastern shore artists, etc., and snow globes - somehow this collection grew, but not by intention.


Fans are in master bedroom, master bath & living room.

Snow globes - some nestle in kitchen cabinets and some rest on my deep windowsills in living room. Decoys are in living room floor & accent table, also in the kitchen - miniatures peek around dishes & cups. Bunnies are all over!



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I just packed up my knickknacks that were antique and inherited from prior generations. I left a list and the sources (generations ago) in the bins. I left only a few special ones in small cabinet space in the tv stand.  I got rid of the ones that were junk or meaningless to me. I hated dusting and cleaning around them. 

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Re: Nicknacks & Decoratives

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I love tchotchkes (sp). Esp.the blushing bunnies and any of the small ones w/yellow slickers. Have a small display cab. dedicated to the yellow slicker ones.

Sadly,many of these (Hummels,etc) have lost their value. 

Maybe it's much to early in the game,ah but I thought I'd ask you just the same
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I don't collect anything specific. What I have is displayed on the hutch my dad made for me, my pumpkin pine jelly jar cupboard and shelving in my loft that goes around up near the ceiling. My favorite piece, though, is a porcelain German Fairling "pig in a car" that belonged to my grandfather. Not sure how old he was when he got it, but he was born in 1900.

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CalminHeart, I love your sly use of italics.

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We have way too much STUFF in our humble abode. The stuff makes me crazy!!!  We've 'inherited' his parents' STUFF when they died because his brother didn't want any of it except a very heavy entertainment center. FINE WITH ME!!!!  But we got stuck with all of their stuff  - very tall china cab with all of the contents, very tall  Grandfather clock, shelving from their basement that landed in our's. 


Let me interject, we moved into/bought his G'Parents' home 1985 with ALL of EVERYTHING they had. 


Oh whoa's with me.......I HATE STUFF!!!  He won't part with anything. Okay, granted we have gotten rid of SO MUCH STUFF through all these years but have much more to go.


Did I say I hate stuff?

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I would say my decor is on the simple side and mostly lanterns and flameless candles.

I never really collected anything other than my coffee mugs of which I have around 140 from all over the world.  Sadly since we downsized a few years ago they are still packed up in boxes.  I have to go through them and keep the "special" ones but will donate the rest.  It was fun to collect them but no one has any interest and really it just ends up taking up too much space Smiley Sad


Moving was a great time to purge and it was a good feeling.  I am doing my absolute best to keep from piling up "stuff" again.  @PINKdogWOOD I hear you loud and clear, my DH is a packrat for sure.  I literally sneak "stuff" out to trash or donate, LOL!    We had to endure much of his family's junk too and I put an end to that.......I said it goes or you go,

simple as that.

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I hear ya. I to have tons of glassware that I inherited. Have boxed it up . I use some of the vases , but just need to  get rid of the pieces.  

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@PINKdogWOOD wrote:



Did I say I hate stuff?

@PINKdogWOOD  I actually do, too! Other than the bunnies, there is not one thing that I've started myself!

But a little whimsey every now & then does cut the starkness of the rooms.


As far as inheriting my DM's things and his DM's things....I only took a very, very few pieces.

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I am so not a fan of these setty around things in my house!


A small collection of snow globes and the most special things I've been gifted are in a curio cabinet in my TV room.  I also have a wall shelf out there with 6 lighthouses on it; the original ones that started my collection before friends started gifting me everything with a lighthouse on it.  All that cheap stuff went to the dump.  

Besides family photos, the only other things you will see displayed on tables in my home are 2 ashtrays and a tall heavy glass bird that were special to my Papaw, Mamaw's bibles, and a square glass paperweight given to me by a friend when I started my first job.  

My mother had a lot of stuff that I had to dust, or wash and dry, so I have never had a tolerance for setty around things in my house.