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I just can't ever imagine being that formal.  That's a reflection on me, I guess, not the table settings. 


But the table is way too formal for me.  I did like the large crystal glasses though.  I thought the candles were way too tall.  

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@stevieb  Just beautiful. Love the silver revere bowl filled with blooms.

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Re: Nicely Set Table...

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Lovely table setting, but I don't like the fabric on the chairs, as the colors seem to clash with the Asian blue and white ceramics and the green tablecloth and candleholders, or white candles and the plates.


I think I would prefer a delicate white tablecloth and blue and white patterned chairs, or something to that effect.  Something like this:



or this:


Art Patterns Inspiration: Asian Pattern Dragons


...for the chair fabric.  Oops!  I just noticed that striped green wallpaper.  Perhaps a pale blue paint on the wall, instead? 

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What an elegant looking table, I love it because that is within my taste zone, formal.  I have stemware and china left to me from my mother and while I don't use that type of setting often anymore, I love the look of it and always have. The center piece is just beautiful!

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Love the greens, mixed with blue and white.   Beautiful centerpiece with silver bowl.  Also have always liked those shaped glasses, that flare at the top-- they probably have a specific name, which I don't know.  They look festive! 

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I don't like large floral arrangements and tall candles as they obstruct one from looking at other people at the table.


I'm just not a formal person! 

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Beautifully set table---LOVE IT! 

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Beautiful 😍!!!!! 

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I'm ready for spring lamb and asparagus for dinner