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This is a clever, useful design and great cabinetry.



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Oh my gosh.  That's amazing!

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I love it!

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I've seen something similar done in those "Tiny Houses" - Very clever use of space.

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Good Christmas storage!!!

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That's pretty neat.

An old rental house we lived in years ago had floor to ceiling & wall to wall storage in one of the bedrooms. It had 2 closets plus large drawers under & over the closet part. We had room for all kinds of stuff. 

I keep telling me sister she can make storage under her stairs. She has a piano sitting there so is not interested. 

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@Kachina624   Love it!   However, it needed another handrail to keep me upright.  

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The drawers and cabinets seem shallow and narrow, so I am not sure what I could put in there, perhaps rolls of wrapping paper, extra flatware.  I guess it is neat for things like  our trains which I put in the attic years ago and our expensive Christmas village and it has been up there untouch for decades as neither of us can make it up there now.  Perhaps that would be a place I could have kept those kinds of items.  

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Actually, not a bad idea for home and condo builders. Also for handymen/women and carpenters.


There's always a handy use for extra drawers.  





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Re: Need Storage Space?

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There use to be a magazine ,that had ideas like that ,i use to get yrs.ago  for builders.My son,a builder put a built in  dog crate under his stairs, very nice.

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