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Not for every taste but I sort of like it...




In my pantry with my cupcakes...
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I can't even focus on the wallpaper.  Way too busy for my taste.

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I don't like anything about it.  The wallpaper is way too much for such a small area and dark.  The sconces in gold...nope.  We took out a vanity similar to that last year.  I was happy to see it go.

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 If the bath  cabinet and marble top were already there , than I can see adding the wall paper which I do like , even in this small space. 

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Just awful. Too loud & too busy.

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It makes my eyes water.

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@stevieb   Just horrible.

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Re: Moody Powder Room...

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LOVE wallpaper in a powder room!


That said, the white hand towel is too jarring. Change to black or dark green.

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Kind of cool, but not something I would want.  There's something off with the vanity/wall covering coordination.