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Cheaper than wallpaper- geometric paint treatment.

(dog not included)


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I have had geometric paint treatments in my kids bedrooms before. This one however...such a light color?


My kids would have had it full of fingerprints and handprints in no time.


I have all white, large baseboard, and mouldings in the kids old bedrooms, It was a battle keeping them clean. 


DS lives here part-time so it’s not so difficult now. DD has married and left and I am in the process of making that room my She Cove. It WILL stay clean.

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I never had wall paper in my kids' rooms.  We did color blocking on the girls' walls, even on the nursery walls and that was 30something years ago.  I do love that room but we'd have to pay a pro to do that wall paint.  

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That SOOO does not look like a kid's room.

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I don't like it.

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Not my style, but bright and sunny is good!