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Not for me, but I can see it for the right person.

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I like it a lot.  I am drawn to cool colors, rather than warm colors.  



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In a small apartment or loft, I could see this for a young person. Although warm colors would probably help cozy it up.

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Yes I like it.

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Enjoy your trip on the Polar Express...

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I had that in the 70's.    The chrome pitted, and the glass had to be cleaned EVERY day.

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Ultra modern and cold.....not my style!

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Not me at all, but I could do this look.


Minus the white dog statue.

And adding more of that blue and less chrome for the shelving decor.

And adding another pop of blue in some form of art in between those two windows.

And losing that plant in the corner, replacing that with a tall floor vase -

again picking up on that blue.

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Too much metal crammed into one room.  

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