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Not a fan of modern

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NO, NO, NO  way too NO!

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Surprisingly, I like this!


Usually, I prefer more warmth, but I like the grey, white, blue, and chrome. I think it’s the clean look and the simple lines that are attractive to me. Not a fan of the artwork and the credenza beneath it, but the rest is fine with me. 

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I don't usually care for all mod decor, but I like this one.  The pop of Blue adds a nice blend.  I think they should have added blue, maybe yellow pillows with the gray to break up all the gray.

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I love it...I lean towards modern anyway.
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@lolakimono  I like the light in the room, but there needs to be more color.  Also, the furniture looks so uncomfortable, something you might see in an office building lobby.  I would paint the walls and get rid of some of the metal and glass.

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I like it.  Urban.  Easy to add more color, if desired.


The bird of paradise plant is great.

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I could be sitting on cardboard boxes.

All I see it that BEAUTIFUL VIEW!!