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Very large Delft blue trumpet shaped vase blue and white image 1

This vase is beautiful.  It came yesterday. It's close to 15 inches tall and 8 inches around the widest part of vase. I have been doing a cupboard in blue and white china pieces and needed something big and tall for my dining room table. I saw this on Etsy and hesitated to buy anything from overseas (Netherlands).... but..... so glad I did.  It is so beautiful! There were 2 of these, exactly the same....except one had a very small chip underneath  the opening at the top that they repaired and you can't even see it.  They sold it  for a discounted price. It came very well packed and only took 10 days to get here.  I'm a happy camper!

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Oh, my gosh - is that ever gorgeous!  I adore that!  Lucky you!  Enjoy!!! 

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That is a beauty!   I love the Netherlands and the windmills!   Enjoy your new piece, sounds like it's going to look very pretty in your dining room.  

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Your vase is so beautiful.  I collect blue and white china (mostly Spode).  And I guess I am an “Etsy addict.”  Your vase is a treasure, and I know you will always love it.




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it is absolutely beautiful!!!!

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It’s so pretty on it’s own ; it doesn’t need fake flowers , etc , in it . It’s a stand alone piece.

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It looks like Delft. In either case, you bought a lovely treasure. 



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@jubilant  Lovely. I have a tea caddy with the Dutch windmill motif and find it so pretty. It's nice to see blue and white pieces that are a bit different from the norm, although I tend to like most of them regardless.

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How lovely!  Please let us see your finished cupboard!Smiley Happy

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Beautiful Delft buy, @jubilant !  It'll be so striking on your table, tying in with the pieces in your cupboard!