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Linen Source Sale

Over the years I have ordered from Linen Source and have been pleased with the quality and service.  I got their catalog yesterday and they're going out of business.  Everything is 40-70%off.  I'm going to order myself a nice cotton summer-weight blanket. 


I hate to see them go.   Great towels, sheets, chenille bedspreads, comforters, quilts, matelasse coverlets, etc. 

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Re: Linen Source Sale


Thank you for the information. 

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Re: Linen Source Sale

I was so surprised to see them going out of business. I really like their products and bought most of my bedspreads from there. They handle(d) great quality.

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Re: Linen Source Sale

I also received their catalog and was surprised that they are going out of business.  I have purchased many things over the years which were lovely and well made.  I did go online to see if this was really true, I saw many complaints.  Such a shame that they are going out of business and that it appears the quality could be the cause.

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