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I like it!  


I have a leopard rug in the bedroom, and a zebra rug in the dining area.  Animal print accessories all over the apartment.  

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I like the stairs. They are striking. 

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Love it all especially the condition of the wood floor.


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@Nightowlz wrote:

I don't think so. LOL!!! I hate carpet on stairs.

@Nightowlz I hate no carpet on stairs because twice I have slipped and fell on slick stairs. 

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I love it!

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Its not my cup of tea.  I really don't care for"animal" in home decor at all, however, it's tastefully done and not as awful as I thought it would be.

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Way too much animal print going on.

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I like it.

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I like it better than the ombre stairs but this is still a NO for me.  

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I like the leopard print rug, but I would prefer a solid color on the stairs.