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@J Town Girl 


Wow we must have been at the same Home Goods😯


Ours is about hour away a friend asked me to go today.  I was excited as I heard about what great store it is ...I was very disappointed.  Store was overpacked with not only stuff, aisles barely could get thru and shoppers.  Honestly, I couldn't wait to get out of there -- I can't even tell you how "claustrophobic" I was☹️


Then, we walked over to Marshall's -- stuff everywhere!  I was so looking forward to "shopping" and can't even remember what was in those stores!  


A store called At Home opened here and it's huge.  It's about 1.5 hours away but I'm staying away since others say it's the same!  Maybe when the "snowbirds" leave I'll revisit.


As for other posts here:

I agree most things on VPH shows and others I find in Hobby Lobby or other stores.  



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You are not the only one!!!  I can't tell you how mad I get when I order something from Q and go into a store & see basically the same thing🤨at 1/3 the price and no s/h.  


I'm no longer "impulsive" in buying until I'm absolutely sure.  If I can't find it in traditional store then I order.


Plus, after adding up "return" fees when item is "just ok" and for the $$$ spent to get it I learned real quick!


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@J Town Girl wrote:

@queendiva wrote:

I was at Home Goods today. Not shopping for decor/ seasonal items, but thinking they had a ton of Easter & spring for every area of the house, no shipping and much lower prices than anything VPH.


I was so excited when a Home Goods store opened up in my area. After one or two visits I quickly became disenchanted.   It is so crowded with merchandise that you can't even move around to look at the products.    I'm sure it's just not run properly by management.   Before I give up completely with this chain I am going to visit another Home Goods in a different area of town and see if it is a nicer store.  


Before this Home Goods store moved in we had a Linen & Things in the same location.

I just loved that store and was so sorry when they closed.    In my opinion, that store was head and shoulders above Home Goods.  



It certainly wasn't my fault Linens & Things closed!    It was my go to for so many items and very convenient for me.    I miss it too

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The key to Marshalls, Home Goods, TJ Maxx, etc. is that you have to go consistently.  If you do, you can be in and out in less than 5 minutes because you will learn where the new stuff is placed.


With these stores, you have to be quick.  The good stuff is snapped up immediately.  You can't think about it and come back later because it will be gone.  If you don't go regularly, you miss the good stuff.


As soon as July 4 weekend is over, they really do pack the decor in for Halloween, Fall and Christmas.  I had the same complaint 2 years ago that they had so much packed in that you really couldn't see what they had.  After a couple of weeks, it thinned out enough to shop, but all the great stuff was already long gone I'm sure.


I am lucky that I have a bunch of these around and they are on my way everywhere, so I can run in quickly and score great stuff.


But it's a commitment.  There is nothing leisurely about these places.


As for Home Sense, I've been twice (once on Long Island and once in Virginia) and I am not feeling it yet.  There is a new one opening closer to me and I will see if going weekly changes my mind about this one.

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Think we all been there. No more cookbooks from Q either, print out a recipe or order it from A store free s&h get it faster & cheaper. I now wait for a free s&h day go into Qvc clearance & ebates too. Been reading reviews too. I go to Costco and see something go back again to buy it and it's gone. Love a bargain but sometimes it doesn't work out.