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I forgot the difference in W/D

We are in the process of moving and our current house we have a top rated (consumer reports) HE W/D and in the new house (5 years old) we have a traditional W/D.

Same water company, etc.


Yesterday I washed a few loads of kitchen towels, cleaning rags, and dog blankets in the new house.

I have to admit I am FLOORED on how much better everything looks and feels.  The difference is amazing!!

We are now going to leave the HE W/D for the buyers of our house.


I have had several friends over the years who have all gone back to traditional W/D and I always wondered as for several money is no object .  One donated her new HE W/D weeks after getting it she hated it so much.


I have to say we may be staying with the traditional W/D in our future.


Has anyone else noticed this?

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Re: I forgot the difference in W/D

Is HE a brand?   Sorry, not familiar.

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Re: I forgot the difference in W/D

I was confused at first too.  HE is high efficiency.  It doesn't have an agitator,  The inside is totally open.


I have an HE washed and dryer.  It's atleas t 15 years old and going strong.  As far as I can tell, everything comes out clean.

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Re: I forgot the difference in W/D

We had a Whirlpool HE washer.  I thought it was great -- until I didn't.  We replaced it with a Speed Queen with an agitator.  I would never go back.  Having had both -- I believe that an agitator is necessary to get clothes really clean.

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Re: I forgot the difference in W/D

@judy0330   I have to admit if you would have asked me 2 weeks ago I would have said my washer was great, but now that I have the side by side comparison ......


The difference is noticable.  We had planned on taking our HE W/D now I do not want them.

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Re: I forgot the difference in W/D

In my previous house I bought a Maytag front loading h/e washer. 12 years later, still loved it.

I now have a very basic Kenmore washer and dryer that were no doubt original to the house 20 years ago, as is the DW. Loving them all as long as I can because I know that when they have to be replaced they will not last even half as long.

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Re: I forgot the difference in W/D

I will never give in to the HE washers. Period.


I want an agitator and I want full fill and I want all hot water when I want it. 


If they stop making them all together, I will simply hit the auctions and pick up a couple to have one in reserve. 


I still have a wringer washer and as a last resort can hook it up and use it as well. 


I know what I want in this area, and I'm really adamant about it. I can swing with a lot of other changes in appliances over the years, but the HE washer thing, I'm not bending on.

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Re: I forgot the difference in W/D

@Abrowneyegirl ITA. the new washers don't clean as well

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Re: I forgot the difference in W/D

Although I recognize and accept (and whole heartedly agree!) that we all need to be more careful with our natural resources, I don't understand how the people who make the rules don't realize that that we are  washing the clothes twice.  That certainly doesn't save water.

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Re: I forgot the difference in W/D

What I learned from an HE washer was that my clothes were being “washed” in about 5 gallons of water.   That explained everything as far as why some items came out of the washer with dry spots, and why some clothing didn’t look or smell clean.   


The HE washer did fine for my teacher daughters clothing.  Her laundry is about 6 small loads of very lightweight knits, rayon, polyester clothing, no dirt, no heavy perspiration, and maybe an odd spill or two on a shirt.   5 gallons of water washed her laundry fine, but it didn’t wash larger loads of dirty clothes or towels to a level of truly clean, which is why it did not last long here.