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You guys are making me feel like it's time to purge again.  We have too much in the linen closets for sure.  I am in awe of emptying the entire closet and then refilling it.  I haven't done that in awhile.  I will take this on in winter I think.  I spent as much of the good weather outside as possible.  If my garden looks good, my house usually doesn't haha!  LM

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I am just the opposite. This is the first summer I have had off in several years and it is way too hot outside to do yard work.


I did that over Spring Break (trimming, removing and replacing mulch) and now it is just maintenance.


The closets were out of control so it was time to be ruthless!


I am going to make a bundle for the animal shelter, too!

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I have only 2 sets of sheets for our master bed and 2 sets for the guest room bed. I have never needed any more. As for towels I have about 4 sets for the master bath and 2 sets for the guest bath. We have one blanket for the guest room and a quilt for our master bedroom. We live in Florida so we have no need for cold weather sheet sets like fleece.