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I took a cross stitched piece this morning to be custom framed and I was pleasantly surprised by the final total.


I knew I couldn't use their weekly 40% coupon on the actual frame but the woman at the counter told me I could use it on glass.


Much less than Michaels.




I use them also.   I used a different vendor until they messed up a project.  It was something I needed for work, my boss asked me to take care of it for him.    Simple project, mount some maps on foam-board.  Learned my lesson, always use HL now.

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I always us HL for framing. They do a great job and for a reasonable price, especially during their sales.
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@CelticCrafter, thank you! I recently bought a large Audobon flamingo print and need to have it framed. I've used a small mom and pop art studio in the past for framing good pieces, and they do a lovely job but are very expensive. I didn't want to spend tons on a print so good to know of another option.
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Coming out of lurkdom to say what a genius idea to stitch around the edge of your peice for framing!  Thank you for that. Smiley Very Happy


I'm jealous of those of you with Michael's and Hobby Lobby--I just paid $400 to have my latest cross stitch framed.  Smiley Frustrated

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@froggy - I make sure it's clean, wrinkle free and not distorted in shape - I roll it around a paper towel tube rather than fold it when I take it to them.


I do a running stitch around the piece showing them how many rows of the  background I want exposed.  I have OCD when it comes to things being even, straight and symmetrical, so that's why I do it and know it's centered.


I don't cut the excess fabric away, I let them do that because I know they need a certain amount of excess to wrap it around the backing and don't want to cut it too short.



Thanks so much! I have been putting off getting my pieces framed because I didn't know how to go about it.

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Re: Hobby Lobby

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You are so right, Hobby Lobby is sooooooooo much cheaper than Michaels and they do a great job! I've had a couple things framed by them.  The sales person was so nice too and really helped in picking the mat colors that went well with the art work and helped me decided if I wanted a single or double mat ....Both turned out really nice...I am really pleased!



And my sis had 2 prints framed and matted and she was also pleased especially with the price. 

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