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I just got back from my trip to Missouri to visit my sister. I had a wonderful time even though we didn't do much because of her husbands stroke But we talked and laughed and cried . As soon as I got there and saw my sister I felt a big hug and it stayed with me the whole trip and still now.

I am going back this summer because my plane home was overbooked and I volunteered my seat and left the next day. For that I received a $500 credit from the airline a night at the Double Tree hotel and food vouchers.

The snow stopped the day I came there and we had excellent weather since. I missed you guys and thought of you everyday. Have a wonderful spring.

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Hi moxie,

Glad you had a good time with your sis. I am sure she enjoyed it as much as you did and was so glad you made the trip. Glad too that the snow left and you had such nice weather.

Welcome Back


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Welcome back. I'm glad you had a good visit.

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Sometimes you don't need activities to make a trip special. Glad you were able to spend precious time with your sister and will be able to go again in a few months.

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Welcome home msmoxie!! Isn't it good to be home, even if you enjoyed being away.

So happy to hear you had a good visit with your sister; I hope her husband is doing well under the circumstances. So nice to hear your good deed was rewarded!!

Now that you are home, are you up to anything new on the decorating front? I would love to hear about your latest find!!

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Glad you had a nice trip, and what a great decision to take the delay and earn another trip that you can look forward to!!

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Glad to have you back moxie! Good to hear you had a nice trip also.

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Welcome back, moxie. That's great that you get to visit your sister again very soon.

I can't wait to see or read about your progress with your living room makeover.

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Thanks for the kind replies. In the next couple months I am going to repaint my great room and get a new sofa. I am going to change some things out but probable won't purchase anything new except for the sofa.

I always look forward to all your new decorating ideas.

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Welcome back, Moxie. Glad you have a lovely visit with your sister.

It's always good to see you posting. You have such wonderful ideas.