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I kinda like it although I would stick with an all silver theme and get rid of the gold...but overall I like the deep shade of pink and the overall intimacy of the space. It would be a nice place to sit and read or write.

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Dislike it all except the windows, walls & floor.  Ceiling is wayyyy too ornate.

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I like the drapes, walls/art, floor - everything else would have to go.

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 I like black and white but I don't like that room.

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That is a nightmare.  I don't know how you could be comfortable sitting in that room and looking around.  Yuck!

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It's a real showpiece but can't imagine kicking off my shoes and curling up to take a nap.  It's not a room to actually live in.

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Oh no.

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If the room were completely stripped of every ugly thing they put in there (everything, I guess), I would love it.  Then I'd start over.