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Well, don't care for the furniture or the mural.

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Not sure why, but looks like it belongs in a castle.  Maybe because of the gold trim on the furniture.

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Not so much formal for my home.

Built a formal LR, but several years ago turned it into a library.

Went from being used three times a year to daily use.


Good change for us.

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I like the chairs and settee, love the windows, but hate that flooring and dont like the floral wall panel....

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Have to admit, I really like this little vignette. I would't want many spaces in a home to be this, well, prissy... but I do like this one. I was not sure about the rug, but decided that even that works for me in this space and unlike some, I do like the screen. I think it's a very pretty setting and, while a bit on the formal side, also somewhat cozy, warm and welcoming... The space also has good light...

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