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I don't like any stairs without risers. 

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Accident waiting to happen at my age. And, I don't think they are the least

bit attractive.

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Re: Floating Stairs

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They would have to bury me with those plants they have at the bottom of the stairs. 😂 no way am I walking on these steps I would be doomed lol plus look how close they are to the window.

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Nice to look at but, that is an accident waiting to happen in my opinion.

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I feel like these stairs lead to nowhere and are more of an architectural thing.  The plants underneath look like they belong outdoors.  I'm surprised it passed code if they are true stairs.

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They're pretty to look at but the use of them are an accident(s) waiting to happen.

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I have no doubt I'd fall and break my neck on those stairs!  They're like a triple whammy....polished wood, open style, and curved!

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