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I agree. You have good taste. I'm sure it would be hung to the measurements of the person using it.  I would love this desk.

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i think that would be entirely appropriate in a furniture showroom.

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That desk would fall off the wall if I loaded it up with the computers, paperwork, and books that I need on my office desk at work....nice for a someone who has little to no stuff in their office.

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I love that. It's perfect for a minimalist like me.Smiley Happy

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Gorgeous desk!  I'm wondering just how heavy it is and how well the wall can hold it.  Not crazy about the chair though.

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Way too contemporary...NO!  And the chair looks terribly uncomfortable...not practical for work!

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I don’t care for it.


The wood is nice looking but the stool odd looking.



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Maybe a yes but, it has to “grow” on me🧐

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It looks very contemporary chic no doubt but its more of a permanent fixture you cannot shift it easily I believe. And a complete no to the stool. I need a chair. Always.