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Re: Floating Desk & Stool

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It's an interesting idea though.

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I like it! No more dust bunnies hiding under the desk (yes, I have dust bunnies!) LOL! I can't imagine what kind of bolts it would take to hang that desk, though....might be some wall damage.

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Beautiful walnut and interesting shape. Not sure I'd like a desk which couldn't be moved.

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If you had people of different heights it would not work

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That is really nice and elegant.

The other good thing about it, is you wouldn't have to bend down in that bottom drawer to get stuff!

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I can see this in a very modern furnished home.

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Chair looks quite painful. Love the desk. 

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Love , love.  This desk is a work of art; a woodworking masterpiece.

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Nice workmanship but no thanks. Not for me. I can't imagine siitting comfortably on that stool for any period of time.

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