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I have enough scrapbooking supplies to open a small shop!  I've also done a variety of crafts but found my niche with my scrapbooking and card making .  One thing led to another and I started painting signs (using some of my scrapbooking items).


I have a shop on Etsy selling signs and have been doing so for almost 10 least all of the supplies have more than paid for themselves! Smiley Happy

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I learned to knit over 50 years ago, I still have all my needles.   I probably have 100 skeins of yarn.    Maybe not quite that much but I don't even want to think about it.   I make kids hats and scarves for myself - fashion scarves and winter scarves.  When I retire this year, I plan to make something at least once a week.   I really enjoy it.

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I don't crochet as much anymore, but did donate the yarn to a Senior center and some to a friend.


I also, sent my extra scrapbook supplies to a friends granddaughter.


However, I'm cleaning out the closet again, so I shall see what else I can get rid of, lol.

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@software wrote:

I learned to knit over 50 years ago, I still have all my needles.   I probably have 100 skeins of yarn.    Maybe not quite that much but I don't even want to think about it.  


Now that I'm "older", one thing I regret is not learning these skills earlier in life.

I WISH I had learned how to use a sewing machine, knitting & crocheting when I was young.


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Like you and many other posters here, I've done my share of crafting over the years.  


There was a time when I crafted wreaths and such for EVERY season and would switch everything in my house every few months.


All this stuff was stored on my 3rd floor craft/sewing room.  It was stuff to the rafters!  Granted, the items were beautiful and I enjoyed the process, but after many years of hauling things up and down, I gave up.


Sewing was always a favorite and I had enough quilt magazines and fabric to last until the end of time.  I would stay up late at night on my sewing machine.  


Fast forward many years.  All supplies have been given away to local animal charities that sold them at their yard sales.  This included yards and yards of cotton quilt fabric.


However, I now sew blankets for Project Linus, and all of them given away to babies and children in need, mostly locally.


The sewing is simple, but satisfying.  And I still shop for fabric, which I love.


Wanted to add that those of you wanting to give away fabric might have a local chapter of Project Linus that will take fabric, thread and sewing supplies.  



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@Mom2Dogs I make a lot of guilted items that aren't actual guilts. Pieced tablerunners or tablecloths, tote bags - backpacks -vests & jackets. I rarely have the time to invest into an actual quilt anymore, plus we live in Florida so there isn't much need here for quilts.

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@Witchy Woman - I will also add - Pillowcases for ConKerr cancer - only uses a small amount of fabric and such a good cause.