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Re: Could You Live on a Houseboat?

@wilma   I probably could, it just depends on how big it is and if I'm docked or sailing around the world traveling.


Here is a picture of a "houseboat "that I saw when I was on a small boat heading to Venice.  I later read it was a wealthy woman who owned it and parked it in Venice once in a while.  


Look at the size of it compared to the buildings!  Crazy, and I can only imagine how many people worked on that yacht full time. 



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Re: Could You Live on a Houseboat?


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Re: Could You Live on a Houseboat?

Yes to the second photo.
No to the other photos.
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Re: Could You Live on a Houseboat?

@RoughDraft wrote:

See the source image


You bet I could and would!

Ditto! - This one looks quite roomy and accommodating - My only drawback would be that I can't swim, and I'd always be a little nervous about falling off, or us taking on water in the middle of the night.

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Re: Could You Live on a Houseboat?

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I like the 3rd picture houseboat because it looks like there is a lot of room to roam.  I could probably live on one but not on the ocean.  It would have to be a lake and probably a small lake that is connected to other lakes. I also would do this during my retirement years.

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Re: Could You Live on a Houseboat?

@PA Mom-mom wrote:

@wilma  I would certainly try the houseboat from Sleepless In Seattle:


Houseboat from "Sleepless in Seattle" movie |



@PA Mom-mom ...Yes!...This is the first image that came to mind as soon as I saw the thread title...I fell in love with this Houseboat from Sleepless in cozy.


I also googled for some info and it was sold in 2014 for more than $2 million...more colorful on the outside now and some interior remodeling has been done.


From the article:


"The houseboat has four bedrooms, is about 2200 square feet inside, and, Miner said, has the largest float footprint – 2,700 square feet on a log float – of any houseboat in the Seattle area."




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Re: Could You Live on a Houseboat?

No, I love the water, but not enough to live on it permanently!

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Re: Could You Live on a Houseboat?

no. Landlubber here.


Although I did  love the movie with Sophia Loren & Cary Grant. Also the book that dealt with houseboat /shanty living as an aside-- " Before We were Yours "

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Re: Could You Live on a Houseboat?

Oh yes, I'd love to .  The Sleepless in Seattle one would do just fine.  It just has to have a wood burning stove or FP and I'm in!!!

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Re: Could You Live on a Houseboat?

It's a totally different lifestyle and not for everyone.  I lived on an 80 foot houseboat for about four years.  It was beautifully decorated when we bought it, had 3 bedrooms, fully functional bathroom, central heat and air, city water, cable TV, a party deck up, and 2 lower decks, one of which was screened. 


The kitchen had a diswasher and trash compactor and more storage than my previous house.  It was nice to just throw a fishing pole in the water off the back deck or sit on the front deck and talk to all the neighbors walking by.  It was fun just to jump off the dock and go swimming or have "cocktail" parties in the water with friends. 


We were moored on an inlet so we had views of trees and nature.  The marina we were at had live bands about once a month, church every Sunday, and a store for boat parts, clothes, groceries, and snacks.  They also gave golf cart rides to your boat when you came home with groceries.


The downside of all this was that the boat became a money pit. Just couldn't afford the upkeep anymore and rising rates of the dock space.  I think successfully living on a houseboat depends a great deal on the marina you choose.


Here's a pic of my houseboat:




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