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I've always wanted a small chalkboard easel. I'm not sure why or what I would do with it but I think they are so cute. This one is really cute and could be used for Christmas, Valentine's Day, Memorial Day and July 4th for sure! It's at the "K" home decor store.

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I have one and I love it! ( it's the teacher in me) I use it all the time for holidays and parties. I post the menu on it. People always comment on it. Got mine in Target.
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They're handy for leaving notes for the family and posting a menu, as TeachRsPet said. I have a Longaberger plate on an easel for the same purpose, using a wipe-off marker as the writing utensil.

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Yes, that's cute. Better go and get some chalk. I wonder if my grandkids would like it or just make a mess with chalk dust.

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I have a small one and DH and I leave each other notes on it plus I sometimes leave a note for the housekeeper because I leave her money on there so I know she looks there. She always leaves me a thank you and tells me when she will be coming again.

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Hi mallemo! That easel is cute, like the red trim.

While traveling thru my fave blogsites I found this. Not exactly your intention, but it caught my eye. I tried to find a tutorial on her blogsite but I could not discover if it's painted or chalk. Looks painted to me . . . I like the thought!

Her blogsite is I think she is blogging from my own town; just happened to find her blog randomly and I really like what she's doing. She paints a lot of furniture with chalk paint; one of my passions.

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Very cute!