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This is from a celebrity's house.  For the purpose of discussion, I'd rather not mention who owns the house, but rather, focus on the design.


What do you think of it?


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Re: Celebrity Dining Room

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@lolakimono  I think I'd hurt myself in one of those chairs, I'm a klutz !!!!!

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I dislike this room so much that I'm not even curious as to who it belongs to!

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Yikes! I think I'm too conservative for this style! LOL!

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Looks like it's for someone young & trendy.  Something that would be tiresome after awhile & need a re-design in 1-2 years.

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I LIKE it. So adorable. How long will you make us wait? Who?

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Everyone has their own preference. I don’t like the color scheme & it’s just too

modern for my liking. The chairs look like you would tip over in them.  I’m sure they

probably cost a fortune.To each their own I guess.

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Yuck. Not even remotely my taste. 

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Screams Mariah Carey to me.

I like the flowers on the table.

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That's laugh out loud hideous.