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Re: Can't find auto handle item

As already mentioned, HSN has the Car Cane product. It is also available at other places. The one I have for my elderly mother to use is from Amazon. Check around for the best price; there is a huge range for the same thing.


Mom has serious back problems & getting in/out get the car is very painful for her. The Car Cane really helps her a lot. I highly recommend something like this for anyone who has trouble getting in/out of cars.

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Re: Can't find auto handle item

@ampw wrote:

QVC had an item for sale (sorry don't know official name of it) and I can't find on their website to purchase. It was a small device that you hook on your car's open door to assist you in getting out of the car. It was small enough to fit in palm of hand and it just hooked on an open car door.  Does anyone know the name of it? Can't seem to find on website and can't look elsewhere because I don't know what qvc calls it. I've looked in auto section of site but didn't see it. 

As mentioned, it was on HSN less than an hour ago...

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Re: Can't find auto handle item

YES!! Thank you. Found on Amazon and ordered it. I think my Dad will love it.

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Re: Can't find auto handle item

I think this is the one you're talking about.  The Metro Car Handle.  The box has the number  V31042 on it.  Mine walked away some where and I've been trying to find it.  It's a big help for getting out of the car, especially when parked on an incline.