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Oh, boy, I thought I had seen almost every interior that Jean Stoffer has published.  But this darling kitchen is new to me.  On Stoffer's site, the house is simply called "Grace's Log Cabin", so don't know where it is.  But since Jean Stoffer is based in Grand Rapids, I'm going to guess the cabin is in Michigan. 






Those floors!











Log+Cabin_032 (1).jpg


I just love it-- not sure exactly why.  The simplicity, the creamy whitewashed logs, the forest-y setting, the quality of the light coming in.


Makes me think of a cabin in a Finnish or Norwegian fairy tale.  Or,  a 21st century kitchen that somehow harkens back to Laura Ingalls' "Little House in the Big Woods"....

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Yes, the cabin is too cute, but not liking her choice of furniture and decor.  While there are a few traditional pieces, the overall feel is ultra modern, sparsely decorated, not cozy at all for my image of a cabin.  


Once again, like a broken record, I must comment on this neutral decorating.  This all white, off white, whatever it is, reflects a coldness I'd feel in Michigan's cold winters.  


Although, all that can be remedied with more color and thought on how to make this cabin cozy.  

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Why isn't that runner covered with stains the way it would be if I lived there?

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The exterior is very pretty.


I also love the floors, the white interior and abundant bright light. The dining room is lovely.


I would take out the rug in the kitchen which is practical given the dark color and exchange it for something lighter. I don't care for the dark countertops.


It has great bones, I would just cover them differently Smiley Happy



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I loved these pictures so much I looked up the cabin and "walked" through the entire house which is very charming.  I love the windows and almost everything. The furniture is extremely well chosen.  Many thanks!

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@Foxxee @Oznell   It definitely is too cold and stark looking, to be cozy.

  I like color, textures, and fabric for warmth.


     I have never lived in a house without curtains on the windows.

Living in the northeast, bare windows just seem cold to me.


     The cabin iself is cute.

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@Oznell ..... Same here, to quote you..."I just love it" too!! Cat Very Happy

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This house has a Christmas feel to me.


I like everything except the chairs. I'm not fond of rattan, wicker, etc. bc it's uncomfortable, difficult to clean, and damages fine knit clothes.


I do like the lightness, natural feel, and those beautiful floors.

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I love it EXCEPT I would not have whitewashed all the logs, would have left them natural and had whitewash/paint on non-log wood.  I prefer the more rustic natural log look! The floors are beautiful.

Cannot tell the color of exterior which to me is too dark and stark, but again, do not like natural logs color-stained or painted. For me I would go natural with trim painted choice of color typical for a log cabin/home.

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@Oznell  Beautiful. I love everything about it.


Thanks for another great post.Smiley Happy