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I have commented before about log cabins.  My late girlfriend and family lived in one as did her parents.  Both cabins were beautiful.  I prefer the natural look of the logs than the white.  I do love the floors but not the furnishings.  

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I love almost everything about it.  I would add some sort of window covering.

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Even with the huge stove hood, I will never understand putting a stove under a window. They must not cook the way I do LOL

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Nothing on the inside makes me think cabin. Not  cozy.  Looks cold.  Too modern furniture and don't care for the painted logs. Windows need curtains.

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The cabin exterior is cute and charming.  I like most of the furnishings shown in these pictures but I feel she REALLY missed the mark by painting the interior logs in white (or a white wash).  It lost all of it's coziness and appeal by doing that.

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I absolutely love it but would be adding a lot of color to the decor, it's exactly what I love to do. What a great canvas on which to expand and create!! Thank you for sharing it!

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I love everything about this cabin. The contrast (dark exterior-light interior) is stunning.

If I had to be picky and change 1 thing it would be the dining chairs..a more comfortable chair would make this cabin absolute perfection for me.

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I love it-very quaint!!! I would add some window treatments and change the Dining Room set. I love the floors-very pretty!

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Yes!!! I would be very happy in that kitchen--love it all!!!

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My interest is peaked with the word cabin, but I want a real country cabin; not country outside and totally modern inside, with a $4,000 gas range.  I prefer something more basic and simple, but the cabin must have a wood stove for heat.