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Re: Button Art

It's cute and creative, but not something I would want.

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Re: Button Art

Not for me.

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Re: Button Art

It has a tacky artsy craftsy look....not for me!

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Re: Button Art

Interesting...I did take some old buttons and wire and made 'button flowers' this winter....they turned out pretty cute.


I put them all in a silver creamer with florist foam and topped it off with moss.

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Re: Button Art

I come from a long line of button savers.  


My paternal grandmother and my mom saved their buttons in an old fruitcake tin.


My maternal grandmother saved her buttons in a two gallon sized glass jar.


Buttons were removed from every clothing item tossed, and every time you needed a button, you could surely find one to match in the saved stash.  And if we couldn’t find a match, we might just replace the good buttons with ones from the jar that did match.   Any new handmade item that needed buttons meant a search in the button jar/tin, before thinking of actually paying for a new card of buttons.   


I loved to entertain myself looking thru moms button tin, as I reminisced over the little red buttons from a pair of pajamas I wore at age 3-4, navy colored buttons with anchors from a pair of my pants, the pretty periwinkle colored button with the rhinestone center from my Easter coat, the big brown buttons I recognized from mom’s wraparound skirt, and the many buttons from my dad’s work shirts.   Those buttons were special to me.  


One of my saved treasures is a button off my maternal great grandmother’s coat.  My grandmother had saved the button, and passed it to me after she aged into her 90’s.  My girls know that button, one picture, and a cloth purse are all we have from their great great grandmother.  



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Re: Button Art



I also have the 'family hand me down' button box.  


As a child I loved to look through them.  Still do!

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Re: Button Art

Very creative....

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