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I like this for the right person and says VEGAS BABY to me.

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I like the painting.  I'd hang it in my stairwell.


The tub has a bad case of carbuncles.

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Although this is not a look I would like, I can see creative thought in the design of this room  The bubble effect of the tub coordinates with the bubble look of the flooring.  The tile floor has the look of stone.  The tube style of the lights with clear and gold against the black wall and placement of the bulbs in the tube to go with the gold bubbles in tub are the perfect choice.


As far as the picture, I think is was chosen for the colors to coordinate with the room, but the designer should have looked further for a different picture with that color combo as that picture needs to be placed horizontal, but the space calls for a vertical picture.


Although defintely not my taste, the room actually does have a designer look.


@Sweetbay magnolia   Your comment about the carbuncles made me smile - how true - a perfect description!

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My first thought was......warts!  

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Looks like a bathroom in the penthouse of a Las Vegas hotel. I would love a bath. 

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I don’t like the tub at all.  The whole room is way too dark for me. 

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Makes quite a statement. But not for me.

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That's taking the word "bubble" to a whole new level.  Worse looking tub I've ever seen.

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Love the wall color,not the tub.