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I had a textured black that lost the compressor, a Maytag bottom freezer. I liked the configuration so well I bought another one. This one has a smooth front, textured sides, even though its the same model. I do like the textured better, this one does show prints, but not like stainless does.

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I have a Samsung french door frige. It has a smooth front and textured sides. I love it. The is no ice or water through the door. It is very easy to keep clean...I just wipe the finger prints away with a microfiber cloth.

My house is VERY dusty (drives me crazy) and I do have to dust the handle on the bottom freezer every day.

I do not allow anyone to put anything with tape or magnets on the front. I don't want scratches.

I would never again buy a refrigerator with a textured front door. My old one was very difficult to keep clean. It held the dirt in the textured surface.

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Thanks Carmie, you probably have the model I'm looking at. My husband's cousin has a black textured front and she HATES the texture too because she said it is very hard to keep clean but I thought just the opposite would be true.

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On 6/24/2014 brii said:

All my appliances are white. I am very happy with them.

Same here. Also, I love having the ice and water dispenser in the door. I use it all the time.

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On 6/24/2014 shopqvcless said:

Thanks Carmie, you probably have the model I'm looking at. My husband's cousin has a black textured front and she HATES the texture too because she said it is very hard to keep clean but I thought just the opposite would be true.

My refrigerator is Model RF263....26 cu ft. It's pretty big and always stuffed full. I like that I can control the temp in the frige and freezer and even boost the temp if I put something in it that needs to be cool or frozen quickly.

I have had a lot of refrigerators, but this one is my favorite.

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I buy everything in black. furniture. I heard it makes you look thinner.

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I know you are looking for a new fridge, but just wanted to put this out there. A few years ago we had work done in our kitchen and a new stove & dishwasher in black. My fridge was almond, not that old, and a new one was not in the budget.

I ignored the almond fridge for a while until it made me crazy. Then, I painted it black. All by myself! It had the textured surface, which worked great. I took off the removeable trims and taped the rest. Mine has the ice in the door, but the cover plate came right off, as did the trim tracks running down the doors.

I used Rustoleum Appliance paint and a small roller. I didn't even unplug it, just rolled it into the middle of the kitchen floor on newspaper. The paint dried to the touch in less than a half hour, and I gave it a second coat the next day. No roller marks even showed against the textured surfaces. In the following days I opened the doors and carefully painted the interiors of the doors. Then I painted the soft vinyl door handles with leather (shoe ) paint for flexability.

Looks great, works fine and can be washed just as before. Someday I'll get a new fridge...or not.

Sorry... my spelling was a mess...

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I have a 28cu.ft Samsung French door with the pull out snack drawer plus the water and ice on the door absolutely love this item. It is smooth black not a problem taking care of it. No problem with hand prints on it. It absolutely runs so quiet that you never hear it running at all. Some times I even open the door to see if things are cold because I never hear the motors running. I would buy this product again. We use the water and ice dispenser all the time. Good luck finding something you like. This one came from Sears great price it is so big but they did get it through our 36 inch door opening. Ice and water dispenser hardly take any space up. bottom pull out freezer never let me down always room in it for everything. Can you tell how much I love this Samsung?

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OP Just a question...why are you picking black appliances? Just curious. You are remodeling your kitchen and it just sounds like you are picking ""old"" choices. Its up to you though. If thats the look you want then go for it. But it just seems to me that your brand new kitchen won't really look new when you are done with it. Just an observation. Enjoy your remodel!

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My mom says the same thing--her fridge is black, as is the stove. If she changes to stainless, the stove looks weird and so does the microwave.

I have the same issue, but in white. If I changed up the fridge to stainless, the white microwave has to go. So I stuck with white. It looks all built in as I have white cabinets. I wouldn't have chosen white kitchens for myself, but that's what we got when we bought our house ten years or so ago.

If I had black, I'd be sticking with it. I like the look of the textured black fridges.