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BethlehemLights Battery Op. Metallic Wire 48ct LED Strand is dimming/3weeks

I've had mine going about 3 weeks on the timer and a couple of nights ago I thought it looked a little dimmer. Tonight I was sure. I looked at the reviews and the first two I saw mention the same thing. These use 6 AA cells and were sold as lasting 80 days on the timer. I don't see that happening. I'm not even sure without new batteries they'll look OK by Christmas. I used new Energizer batteries so it isn't that. The BL sleigh that uses 2 C cells I put up the same day is doing great.

I'm sure glad I have until 1/31 to return as I reluctantly think I will need to do so. I had planned on using the metallic strand throughout the year when they said it would last 80 days.