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With all the different heights of mattresses anymore, it is difficult to find the right drop length for dust ruffles / bed skirts and bedspreads.


This spring I decided I had had enough of pulling and pushing the bed skirt so it would hang evenly to the floor:

had DH move the mattress so I could baste a seam down the center of the bed skirt sheeting.  No more fussing.


As for the appropriate length of the bedspread, I searched Amazon putting in “ extra wide “ bedspread. ( if you put in extra large, you won’t get what you are looking for ).


For approx. $ 45 I got a microfiber / cotton combination that is perfect: lightweight and good looking.  


Being a perfectionist, I rolled up one side’s hem three rolls and pinned it every 7 inches, and sewed it.  Took about an hour but it looks great and there’s no more fussing when it is time to make the bed.


Point:  The only sewing I usually do is to sew on buttons because I hate it so much.  The effort it took for the spread was very much worth it !

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I am looking into finding a chenille spread . I have a really good mattress with a great mattress pad and a few really wonderful, comfy sheets sets, but am tired of comforters or quilts. Not going to pay a ton of money for it tho. I love chenille anyway. guess I'll start checking out Wayfair, or Zulily or even Amazon and maybe Ebay-----and I would buy a used one if it were in great shape--maybe even check the thrift stores too. 

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I'm using Soft & Cozy blanket from HSN. Lightweight but warm enough.  I'm keeping one down comforter (didn't even use last winter), everything else is Sort & Cozy.


there is none on HSN at this time.

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A bunch of great ideas...thank you...

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About a year ago I bought a 100% cotton seersucker bedspread from Orvis, and love it! It's very well made, and washes easily.

I run hot at night, so it's perfect for me.


FYI to those of you who are sick of dust ruffles, but hate the look of a bare box spring beneath the mattress:

On our dad's bed, we used an attractive, coordinating fitted sheet to cover the box spring - no tripping over a dust ruffle.

You can use a fun color or pattern, and it looks great!

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I too am tired of comforters and bedskirts. Would love a nice bedspread