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It isn't my taste.  I do not care for the light wood, or should I say that particular wood color in the picture.  Also the rest of the room is not appealing.

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It's okay. Not greyt, but okay.

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Not a fan of light colored furniture, but it's a pleasant looking room.

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No, this room is boring. Tired of greys and grey does not go with shades of beige. NO.

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My preference is lighter wood for the most part as it goes more with my style of decor.  It helps to lighten up a smaller room.  For myself, I wouldn't dominate a room with gray.  I'm getting a bit tired of the color for the past several years.  I would possibly use as an accent color.  My go to color is the blue(s) family.  Thanks for sharing.

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I don't care for it, but if it works for someone else that is great.  

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I don't mind the light furniture, but like others posted, I want drawers in my bedside tables. I don't like the grey bedding. The other furnishings & accessories are ok, but I definitely would need to add some color. It's just too neutral for me. 

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@Kachina624 wrote:

The room has zero personality and nothing to make it interesting.  I find the bedding and the footboard chest dreadful. 



That dreadful footboard chest is the first thing I noticed.  It sticks out like a sore thumb .   I would doubt a decorator  would have had a hand in these choices.

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Me, too @Jaspersmom!  I just cannot stand looking at the color combination of browns/beiges paired with gray. Warm browns and cold gray tones clash really badly and intensely, in my opinion.  I have always preferred the warmer beigey tones over gray colors for a home's walls, and for bedding. 

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Although I don't care for the headboard and night tables, I think the room is very pleasant based on the architecture and decor.


I'm just not a fan of light, what appears to be oak, furniture.

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