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Sorry, @lolakimono  nothing about this room is appealing to me.  I'd start over tabula rasa.

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I love the end table. What's with that chair? It looks odd. Not my style. 

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Bunch of "junque" thrown together in front of AWFUL wallpaper.........

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Re: Aqua & Gold Master BR

[ Edited ]

You know, I think I've just come to the conclusion that I don't like the current style of home decor.  This photo kind of reminds me of most of what I see now when I pick up a home decorating magazine.  It seems to me like a weird mish-mash of styles, and colors too, that in the end to me don't have a very appealing look.


I know, I know, too much  matchy-matchy is not good, and I fight that because I'm a person who grew up in an era of matching shoes to the bag, and not putting discordant colors together.  


But still, I think today's decorating style is just TOO ecclectic for me.


Years ago I would look in a Country Living magazine, or a Traditional Home magazine, or House Beautiful, and there would be so many beautiful homes and looks.  Now I browse through, but almost never buy.  Sometimes a Cottage Living one appeals to me, but overall, not so much.



I save a lot buy not buying decorating magazines, and I used to love them.


Edited to add:  I just looked at that photo again, and actually it's not that bad, not too many different colors, or styles.  I've seen worse.  But the room isn't anything special, really.

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Oh, no.......don't like this at all Smiley Sad

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It's not my style but I do like it.

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I'm not feeling this whatsoever.  The wall treatment (is that wallpaper) actually makes me queasy.

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Nothing in this room appeals to me.

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Ooof.  Looks very, very tired...much like an assisted living home.

In fact the small box over the bed headboard looks like a 

Medical Device to notify the hospital next door. 

(my mother's assisted living apt had something that

looked just like that)