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Image may contain: table and indoor

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I like it, thanks for posting.  Very nice!!!

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Drap and Uninviting...

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My Mom always said if you can't say something nice don't say anything at all...............

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@lolakimono -

That is nice!

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Love the kitchen with the touches, BUT I would change the window color to match the trim, scrap those silly stools with the flouncy seat pads and get rid of that "odd" looking centerpiece on the island!

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What a spacious kitchen, reminds me of the kitchens in the past.  I like it a lot and am glad they have a dining set with chairs rather than the uncomfortable stools shown.  Impressive!

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It would not appeal to me any whatsoever.  It is schizophrenic.

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@lolakimono Just too cute! I like everything about it. 

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