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Re: Anyone own a latex foam pillow?

I am addictive to My Pillow because you can fluff it from each end and get all the support you need and comfort.

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Re: Anyone own a latex foam pillow?

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On amazon,take a look at coop  home,goods.pillows, honestly it is the best pillow i have ever had ,3 yrs ,now.



Just watch out for the crooks selling on Amazon. Some say it's Natural latex when it's a mix of natural & synthetic which will off-gas.

I was just researching online. The site only shows certified natural pillows.

It led me to Latex for Less which leaves out the middle man.

The pillows are on sale right now. They have a shredded latex or solid. Their pillows are OEKO -TEX certified.

Wonder if I should try shredded since i like to bunch the pillow & it's hard to do with the solid. Says you will get the same support but I'm not so sure of that.

I will have to do more research.

Coop home goods has their own site, the best pillow i have had in all my lfe.

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Re: Anyone own a latex foam pillow?

My husband and I have slept on latex pillows for nearly 20 years; we buy them at Belk or Penney’s, on sale.   We are not happy with any other pillow.

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Re: Anyone own a latex foam pillow?

Thanks for all of your recommendations. I will check them all out. I'm planning on going to the stores here and see what I can find. Like I mentioned, I don't want memory foam or shredded foam of any kind...just a solid latex one. Smiley Happy

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Re: Anyone own a latex foam pillow?

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I have used only latex pillows forever!  I've always bought them online or at JCP store.


My spouse has tried every pillow on the market including my pillow. I finally convinced to try mine --well I had to order another for me!


The ones I have --  have never crumbled and are over a year old in still perfect condition.  I usually change every year.


here is the ones I bought -- they only sell online no longer in store. I did get it after a wait! ( I checked every store couldn't find just latex vs latex & other material.)