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I was on line for Birch Lane today looking at chandilers.  Has anyone purchased from this vendor.  Can you recommend quality, shipping and returns if problems.

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Re: Anyone Recommend Birch Lane

I believe Birch Lane is owned by Wayfair.  I think many of the products from Birch Lane are also available through Wayfair.  I don't remember ordering anything from Birch Lane but have ordered a lot of items from Wayfair and have been very happy with their product offerings and service.  They are usually pretty quick to ship.  I don't think I've returned anything so I can't speak to that aspect of customer service.

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Re: Anyone Recommend Birch Lane

Never bought a Birch Lane item, but years ago always admired the chests portrayed in their ads. Not sure if it's "one of those companies" that was one thing years ago, now "watered down" after being associated with WayFair. But maybe it's same quality. I will second what  @ZoetheCat said...I too have bought a few things from WayFair and liked their product selection, and quality of items I received. Pricing fair too.

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Re: Anyone Recommend Birch Lane

I've ordered an ottoman and a large storage chest from Birch Lane. No problems. Items were lovely, packed well, and delivered quickly (this was pre-covid; delivery might be slower now?). Never tried to return something to this company, so check their policy. I often buy from Wayfair and am very satisfied with their quality and service. 

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Re: Anyone Recommend Birch Lane

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Check out Restoration Hardware and/or Pottery Barn.  Below is from Pottery Barn for $269/sale.


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