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Who ever the host is (11 am show) that is on with Valerie is very annoying - Right, right, right. I think that's all she knows how to say - right, right....right. I ended up changing the channel after hearing her keep saying right...right....right...UGH !!! Right !!!

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It's Nancy Yoon.


If she gets on your nerves, you can always change the channel, right?  And you did.


So, what's the problem?

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I've been watching and don't see anything annoying. I think she's doing fine.

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Re: Annoying Host

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Funny how there was a similarly angry and harsh thread early this morning about Monifa and Valerie.

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@Carmie @Donna2019 


I agree with Donna and turned her off also. The problem may be Carmie that's two of  us turned her off, wonder, how many others did too?  

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Re: Annoying Host

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Watching  Nancy Yoon  with Valerie and am enjoying them so much together on  Wednesday morning 10:00am - 12:00pm.  Nancy lets Valerie do the talking and Nancy is loving all of Valeries home decor...  Can tell Valerie is happy to work with Nancy, she is explaining all the details of each item...

No!, I am not turning the show off watched it all ....

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I have been watching and while she is kind of a snooze, her childlike excitement at the different items is refreshing. 

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We all have different standards and tolerance levels for host behavior. I couldn't stand Carolyn and I can't watch Shawn. I avoid the hosts that annoy me, it works. 

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@QVCkitty1 I agree with you regarding Carolyn.

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For me, its not the hosts its VPH. I find most of her items corny and MICHAELS 

quality. So I never watch her shows.