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Air Purifier

Wasnt sure where to put this .  I am looking to purchase an air purifier and I wanted some reccomendations.  I do have a dog so if that factors in to the type/brand would like to know.


I just saw a HoMedics purifier in a BBB email.  I also know about the Dyson, but its soo expensive...

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Re: Air Purifier

I recommend you buy one with a washable, reusable filter.   A good purifier pulls a lot out of the air quickly, so when you have to start buying and replacing all the charcoal and HEPA filters, it gets VERY expensive.   

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Re: Air Purifier


Enter  Air Purifiers in the Community Forum Search bar. There are at least 6 earlier threads discussing models, experience, cost, etc.


Rather than using a single room purifier, (have to close vents & doors to be effective) I use a 3M Filcrete air purifier furnace filter and using the 'fan' option on my thermostat, I circulate the whole house air through it.

    See spoiler.


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Re: Do You Use an Air Purifier In Your Home? 

@Equuleus, There is an alternative to closing off vents and doors in order to effectively filter the air in individual rooms. 


I'm a sneezing pet owner, maker of burnt toast, and former smoker, and I needed something that would remove smoke and other pollution from the air


Rather than buy and maintain individual air cleaning appliances for rooms, I took a look at what was available for whole house air filtering.

I found Filtcrete makes a surprizing selection of air filters. 


My thermostat has a switch for "fan only", and after I installed the appropriate Filtcrete air filter in my furnace, I could flip the 'fan' switch anytime and run ALL the house air through the filter (without having to turn on any heat). 


Of course it also filters the air when the furnace runs in winter.


I no longer smoke, but I use a filter that reduces allergens, dust & lint, mold spores, smoke, pet dander, odors. It's great to flip on the house fan and clear all the air when you accidentally set off the smoke detector.


A friend of mine had life threatening allergies and uses a higher grade (more expensive) Filtcrete furnace filter to filter the air in her whole home


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Re: Air Purifier

@MrsCat21 I just purchased an air purifier yesterday after much research. We are in the process of remodeling our home so there's lots of dust and allergens in the air. I decided on the Alen T500 Allergy Air Purifier with the silver HEPA filter. I ordered it through Amazon but researched it by Googling the best air purifiers. This particular model is for up to 500 sq ft room. If I like it, I'll purchase another one for another room. There is a 60 day return perior and it is guaranteed for life. Tons of 5 star ratings on this model (on many websites). I purchased it in black for $214 (free shipping). Several color options. The white was the least expensive at $169. Amazon had the best price. There are other models for larger rooms.

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Re: Air Purifier

I have always had air filters because of my allergies. I always have dogs. My advice is find one that fits the budget but has washable filters. Filters can cost almost as much as the air cleaner once it becomes a few years old. I also like one with a timer function. I have found that this feature adds $$ to the unit. I have once with this feature near the kitchen but my other two do not. Decide where the unit is going to be placed so you know what features are a "must" and what ones are just a "plus". Check the warranty on each brand. I like to have one with a warracnty of two years.