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I have a coachlite type outdoor light at the side of my front door.  the glass gets so dirty, inside especially. I thought of something today that really worked. I took one of those sponge/type paint brushes, wet it, squeezed it out and got inside the lite. Maybe you have a bottom on your lite but mine's wide open. It gets dirty. Also cleaned the outside of it while I was at it. If dirt is stubborn you could always spray the brush with a glass cleaner but then you might have to rinse. I just used a microfibre cloth for any risidue. Sure wish I had thought of it before. I kind of liked doing it!

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Thanks for this tip!

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I have this type of lighting, but never thought of this.  Should work well.  I have been unscrewing the bulb and using a microfiber.  

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That's a great tip - thanks for sharing!

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Great tip, but I am lazy, I would replace it with a totally enclosed light.  But they do get dirty too.Woman Frustrated

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Great tip!