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Except for the sign I love it. And love the bare windows. Keeps it clean and peaceful.

I have a sitting room with a set of double windows behind the couch. I have them free of curtains or shades. It makes the room airy, clear and bright. Love it. 

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I like the room but would have a piece of real art over the bed.

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Blah and boring to me.  I see the bench at the end of the bed as pointless.  I do like bench seating at the end of beds, but they should be functional i.e. enclosed for storage of blankets, etc. and seating on top.  This one serves no use other than somewhere to set the uninspiring decor items.  And the barn closet door, totally out of place unless it is her horses indoor stall!  (that was meant to be tongue in cheek, please don't jump on me.)

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I love it .. but then my slob of a husband would move in ..

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@Jubilant wrote:


I'm not much for the sign but other than that, I like the look of this bedroom.  Your opinion?

My sentiments exactly, @Jubilant !

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@marygracie wrote:

If it had some simple white voile curtains I would LOVE it ...  I hate bear windows ...

The windows aren't bare -- they have white shades.

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Peaceful and quite mood. I like barn doors in a few spaces, not sure about the bedroom unless they lead to a closet. I could sleep and rest peacefully in this space.

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I usually like more color, but this is absolutely beautiful.  I love it just as is.

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I think it's all absolutely lovely.

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Master Bedroom by Andrew Wyeth | Wyeth Print Gallery : Wyeth Print GalleryI'd rather see this on a bedroom wall.

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