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May be an image of furniture and indoor


What do you think of this infusion of color in a small space?

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Actually I think it makes a small room appear larger.


It's nice to see colors!  I'm sooo sick of beige, beige, geige, gray, and shades of white everywhere.  Lke a litttle color added to a room.

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It's not a color scheme I would choose. For me it's too much, too busy. 
That said if you like modern! colorful patterns I think this would work. 

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Interesting, but I really don't care for the colors they chose.

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I can't find anything in that room that I care for.

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Re: Upper West Side Dining

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What do I think? Not much. This is pretty lame.

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It's a startling room, not one I would ever be comfortable in. 

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This is awful. 

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Having that bright, co,orful room would make me very happy, especially with all of the turquoise touches.

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