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Have always liked milk glass,  although I only have a few pieces.  Lots of people do, as it was made in huge quantities over a long period of time, and often has sentimental associations for us, like the hobnail lamp that my parents had, and that I now have.


Do you have any fond memories of milk glass?


Milk glass always looks so fresh, and has so many interesting textures--

Screenshot 2024-05-02 at 12.54.44 PM.png


There are tons of articles online about it, including a good overview from Martha Stewart, and another from "Country Living" magazine:




Wow, the size of that punch bowl!


Since I have so little of it, apart from the lamp, I like to mix it with compatible things, like my little bits of white porcelain.  You can get a refreshing, all-white look that is striking.


This vignette from online shows how compatible the different materials can be together --



But combined with completely different materials, like wood and metal, it can also look great.  These plates really stand out.   



I love what "The Antiqued Journey" did with hers, showcasing it in a basket, with a colored glass plant mister and cheerful table linens...



Some older milk glass does have lead in it-- experts say flick it with your finger, and if the glass rings like a bell, it probably does.  If that's the case, I simply would use it only decoratively-- would not put food or drink in it. 


I have a little lead-testing kit, from Amazon, and out of about 5 pieces, only one of mine tested positive for lead.


Here's a vintage "banana stand",   in the distant past used for fruit, now used to display botanicals.  Pretty and nostalgic, with the lace and book.




It can be coastal--

Screenshot 2024-05-02 at 12.58.01 PM.png


A lot of people do associate it with spring and the warmer months, like this milk glass vase combined with china teacups:




But I like to see the creative ways people use it all year round.  As Lora B. shows, It's very compatible with Christmas greens and reds too, in these stacked compotes:




My favorite use of milk glass is with items that are deep blue, like cobalt glass, and any kind of blue and white china, like Delftware, chinoiserie, Wedgwood jasperware, etc.  The little hobnail milk glass cruet plus other items is a graceful nod to the past...




There's always magic in midnight blue and white.  That milk glass "thumb print" compote has a quiet elegance--





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I have some pieces my MIL gave me, love them!

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My mother had the candy dish in the first picture. The only appreciation we kids had for it was for the candy we knew was inside! 

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I've always loved this type of glassware.  Years ago, I bought my mom an antique perfume bottle like the white.❤️

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My grandmother had a dish like that and just like @Eileen in Virginia, we just appreciated the candy insideSmiley Happy

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I remember the candy dish that my grandmother and great grandmother had. I'm sure they had other pieces, however, I only had eyes for the candy dish at that time in my life 😘
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I love all of it. Some pieces look vaguely familiar like my mom or grandma had them.

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My Mom liked Milk glass.  I remember her collecting it in the 50s. She did have lamps which I have now. I have a few other pieces, not all from my mom, but other people would give them to me who did not want them from their family. I have a pitcher and vegetable dish.  A few years back I started collecting candleholders and bought a set of milk glass. The white milk glass goes with any holiday, I can put any color candle I want in them!

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@Oznell I was overcome with emotion just now, as my dear mother had an affinity for milk glass!💝 These charming photos brought back such SWEET memories!❤ She had a butter dish, several cake stands, ash tray, a pitcher that was used mainly for punch, a vase and other pieces that escape me at the moment!🥰 I have not thought of those items in MANY sunsets, and am SO comforted right now!❤❤


My ABSOLUTE favorite here is the pretty floral vignette! The elegant centerpiece in BEAUTIFUL complementary shades of pink❤, peach and cream and use of the unpredicted dainty white milk glass teacups, adds a bit of charming whimsy to the table; thus elevating an otherwise classic look! 😊 OUTSTANDING!!!👍


THANK you SO much for caring to share these AMAZING photos with us and the memories it evoked!🤗



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@Oznell , you are speaking my DH's language, LOL. He collects milk glass...I'm afraid we have over 75 pieces...this past year I've told DH, we don't need anymore!


DH's mother and grandmother had a large collection of milk glass. He inherited a few pieces from his mother (mostly ones he had gifted her). I know the milk glass reminds him of his mother who he was close to.


The past two summers we visited a relative who briefly  lived in central PA and we would take day trips to Lewisburg, PA (known for having several good antique shops). PA is a great place to shop for milk glass because a lot of it was made in PA. DH bought a lot of milk glass over the past two summers in the Lewisburg antique shops; thankfully our relative doesn't live in PA anymore for us to visit!! LOL.


White milk glass is very versatile for decorating. We have some of the pieces you posted pictures of.  I have a silk floral arrangement in one of our vases that looks pretty.