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Nary a traditional harvest color in sight, but still very appealing.



Blue, green, and white fall tablescape

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Great transition colors, love the arrangement!

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I love the muted tones!  This is lovely.

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Very seasonal and tasteful without being kitchy.  Neutral in color for the homeowner whose decor does not go with bright orange and green.   I'm always thankful for the lack of spiders, bats, witches and ghosts.

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@ stevieb, I wish you could come to my home and do my arrangents. Spectular beautiful!! Than you for sharing. MADE MY DAY!!  SLIGO

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Just beautiful!  I love the green glasses with the blue dinnerware.  

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Re: A Fall Tableau...

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These are the Fall colors I decorate with because they go better with my decor and I am just drawn to them...





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The fall table arrangement is gorgeous but don't care for the style and colors used for most of the rest of the table and dining room.

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I am feasting my eyes on this scene. I love it so much! Thanks for sharing.